Who's Happiest About the Henry Acquistion?

You know who's happiest about TiTi coming to New York? Here's a list of possible suspects:
  • Thierry because he's once again getting a boatload of money to live in one of the great cities of the world.
  • Red Bull New York because they now have a world class star that many annoying Tri-State area Eurosnobs won't be able to resist coming to see in their world class venue.
  • RBNY fans because dude is, you know, good.
  • Yannick Noah & Youri Djorkaeff because they are tired of being the most famous members of Manhattan's notoriously bourgie French ex-pat community.
  • Juan Pablo Angel because he's finally got someone that can take the heat off of him up top and play at his level.
For my money, it's definitely JPA. Ever since Jozy went on his vacation far away the dude has been the only 9 in a room full 6's. I love my RBNY boys, I really do, but let's be honest here...JPA is on some other sh*t compared to the strikers he has been paired with and he hasn't had a real running buddy that could get him the ball on the reg post-Dave van den Berg. Check out the clip above of Angel talking Henry back in May; you can't tell me this fool won't be poppin' bottles after his first practice with TiTi.


Alan said...

Pop, pop, pop!

Alan said...

And finally, my socks have been knocked!!