What's Benny Feilhaber Up to?


Not sweating mud while gazing hypnotically into the camera. Just regular-assed sweating while trying to get fit for whatever team tabs him for 2010. Red Bull New York, here is that central midfielder you so desperately need.


Cheech said...

SF - you're right, this is certainly a guy that the Red Bulls can use. While he meets the minimum requirements for the team (basically have to able to tie his own boots) he is a CM whose TACTICAL ability far outshines his athletic ability. That cannot be said about most players on the Red Bulls team.

Furthermore, steady stream of games here in the US playing with the likes of Henry and Angel and against opposition thats, for the most part, above average will help our national program, as opposed to playing in relative obscurity of second division Denmark (who would have thought we could say that about an American league some 20 years ago?) and few, if any, internationals.

While he's not a superstar that everyone wants and expects, there is a lot to be said about what he brings to a team and a game, as was seen in his appearances for national team.

Brian said...

Boo eff that shit, Benny shouldn't come to MLS. Stay in Europe young fella. And to the poster above me, he's not going to be staying in relative obscurity of 2nd division Denmark. Did you read the part where they said they can't afford any of the international players? It's only temporary

Anonymous said...

wouldnt the big teams have picked him up already?

clever_aint_wise said...

Not to be immature about it, but I will pitch a fit if he came to the Red Bulls just as I'm moving away from New York.