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I'm sorry if I offend anyone with my all-TiTi, all-day programming today but I'm sure most of you will understand that as a fan of a historically unsuccessful franchise this signing is second only to the opening of Red Bull Arena on the "Least Whack/Most Dope"-scale. Those of you who are real, honest-to-God fans of a team will understand my drunk-on-a-DP madness today and won't hold it against me.

I would also like to offer an apology to those who feel that TOR would be better suited to deriding this signing as a failure before it even happened, saying TiTi is old/slow/a cheat, that he won't bring instant sell-outs to Red Bull Arena or something equally negative just because it is my first instinct as an American soccer fan with a small, crap blog. Like I said, I would like to offer an apology but I can't and won't. Why let cynicism get the best of me and be preemptively negative when it's far more fun to fantasize about a ridiculously vainglorious march into the post-season?

So having said all that...Big Bank Hank in all his Arsenal glory. Just like Kanye said on "Number 1" it's so unfair, so unreasonable.

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Amanda said...

I feel you. When Adriano was signed in to Flamengo (brazilian team) I think I spent at least 3 hours jumping up and down, and then the next hour throwing up all the beer I drank before jumping up and down.

And after that we won the national championship, making us the only 6 time winner team, so I had a pretty good reason to spend all that time acting like a kangaroo on ecstasy.

I hope Thierry do great things for your team! :)