TFC Sign Spaniard Mista, Duet with Twista Unconfirmed


So Toronto FC have signed a dude called "Mista." It says here that he is a Spanish striker who was most recently with Deportivo La Coruna but I'm not buying it. With a name like that I'm sure I've got a UGK remix somewhere around here with 16 bars from him on it; I know a nom de rap when I see one.

But if I am wrong -which I frequently am- the forward, whose given name is Miguel Angel Ferrer Martinez, is the latest in a growing line of seemingly-random signings whose only virtue is a European pedigree by Trader Mo & Co. (see Laurent Robert, Rohan Ricketts & Olivier Tébily). For the sake of my Canuckistani brethren I hope he pans out better than those guys because TFC's search for a real finisher has gone on for far too long. Plus there is the added bonus of both home & away fans being able to sing "Kyrie" is his general direction.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Andy Welsh era at TFC.

Anonymous said...

I used to score mad goals with him in PES 2007 when he played for Atletico Madrid. He was bad ass in that game.

tfina said...

I'm gonna have that song in my head for the next few hours. Thanks man

Anonymous said...

Anybody remember the song "Blackberry Molasses" by old school R&B group Mista? Great track