Things Kids Love: Ke$ha, Sugar, the USMNT

Bravo Nike, Bravo.


JL said...

What's our style of the game though?

Ron said...

Some excellent videos Nike. I commend you for your work. It is inspiring. Except for the Kobe Bryant piece. He is a diver. It actually detracts from the message of the rest of the videos, and needs to be replaced.

I would suggest you don’t just discard Kobe. Rather, help him lift himself up. Help him to face the fact that his bullshit about the rape don’t wash. Not here, and not in Africa. The problem is an epidemic. And he is in a unique position to address it and make a global difference. The only question is whether or not he is man enough to do it. Whether he is a champion or a diver?

I saw lots of beautiful Colorado girls at the 3OH!3 show at the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder this week. Sexy and full of life and joy. I listened while they chatted about how they wanted to pet Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte. Dudes rock. They write the future.

Eminem and Rihanna, in “Love the Way You Lie,” they write the future.

Travie McCoy, and Ke$ha and Miranda Cosgrove, they write the future.

K*ty P*rry, not so much.

Joy to you, Rose.

Anonymous said...

This is the greatest clip I have seen in some time. If this ended with "join the military" there would be an upsurge in recruits like you couldn't believe.

White Kix said...

Thank you for almost giving me a heart attack, for blowing a golden opportunity, for giving up early goals over and over again, for fowards who can't score, defensive midfielders who give the ball away for counterattacks, for goalkeepers that never went to a geometry class, for coaches who can't pick a lineup, for not doing as well as we did 8 years ago, and only making it as far as we did 16 years ago (at least then we lost to the Champions).

Anna said...

I guess girls don't get to be inspired by the USMNT?

Anonymous said...


keahende said...

Yeah, thanks for underachieving guys. Don't take the game to the other side. Wait until your down and try to find a way out. Thanks for that lack of confidence. But I am always hopeful and do expect a general upturn in the ability of the USA to put a great team and great game plan on the field. I want to learn more about the US Soccer Federation and how we develop our teams.