Thierry Henry Announced as a Red Bull (or See, Dreams Can Come True!)


Here it is folks
(via a full page Bastille Day ad in the New York Times, thanks Fishkin). The news we all knew was coming and it is f*cking awesome (unless you are an Irishman with a grudge to hold). Thierry Henry is coming to MLS, specifically my New York Red Bulls, and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about it, not even West Ham.

How great is that by the way that a World Class player who is still capable of ballin' completely the f*ck outta control has turned down a significant deal with a well-known EPL side to sign with our little league? I'll tell you how great it is. Jumping out of a plane while dodging explosions and flying Great White sharks awesome. And I don't care if he did have a blatant handball against my Irish cousins, the man dates models & clowns keepers and that folks is entertainment, which last time I checked sports fell under that category.

Say what you want, but this signing is The Most Important Signing in the History of the New York Franchise, Today. He may not be as household namey -although close- as Becks but I'm betting this guy will be a part of more SportsCenter-worthy highlights by a mile.


STEVE_NYRB said...

That montage of goals made me giddy with anticipation. Huge grin on my face. He's a brilliant striker.

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Well, I don't actually think this is likely to have effect.