Rivers Coumo in Potential Team-Switch Shocker!


So Weezer played a show for a few thousand folks Friday night on the Brooklyn waterfront and frontman/avowed footie freak Rivers Coumo strolled out onto the stage in a TH14 kit. This in and of itself is cool but upon further review it's kind of sketchball. Isn't dude a Galaxy diehard? Scandalous!

So I'll just put this out there to my brothers & sisters of the Riot Squad, Angel City Brigade, Galaxians and LA fans in general: is this a betrayal? Is this one of the most heinous acts of celebrity glory-seeking to hit American soccer in a generation or is this just pandering to the locals?


bryce larsen said...

Nah, he was doing it for the city and support of the league as a whole.
It's easier to get people interested and be recognized if he wears their city's kit. Besides...people have said the LOCAL news hasn't paid much attention to Henry, so this is just an aid to the big move.
Rivers for Commissioner!

M. Komar said...

He outright supports anything that's american soccer related. He's our biggest cheerleader.

Too bad Weezer suck ass now.

Anonymous said...

He's a closet Chivas USA fan. His gardener told me.