Player Gets Fed Up with Ref, Goes All WWE

"There's a reason to hit everybody. You just don't do it. Sh*t, there's a reason to kick an old man down a flight of stairs. You just don't do it. Ain't nobody above an ass-whooping."

-Chris Rock, Bring the Pain, 1996

Sure, you've always wanted to put a ref in the sleeper hold. Who hasn't? But there are somethings you just don't do and choking down the man in charge is one of them. If ever there was a case for a card worse that red this is it.


AJ said...

I think I'd rather take that foul if I was the ref than a karate kick from Nigel de Jong.

eastbaygrease said...

I think I'd rather take the choke hold than the elblow to the dome that he gives his own teammate.

gilmoy said...

Ref Marcelo Miranda's reaction is classic: "Now I know in which direction you're standing, thank you, your card". Grace under pressure!

Anonymous said...

What league is this?