Photo of the Day: Henry-to-NY Conspiracy Item #214


So this photo arrived in my in box today and was allegedly taken by someone who was at the Red Bull Air Races a few weeks ago at Liberty State Park in my former hood of Jersey City, NJ. If you're not familiar, the park sits just behind the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and served as the viewing area for the event. Apparently some of the event staff strung up a kit of their corporate cousins, Red Bull New York, onto the body of Lady Liberty for a few hours after the event.

This could be read as an obvious & direct attempt to reach out to the lucrative Staten Island Ferry demo...or it could be further proof that the rumors are true and TiTi Henry is merely a step-over away from buying his crepes in SoHo from now on. I don't want to read too much into it (OK I really do) but just to pile on to other recent clues, all I'm going to say is this: you know the French gave us that statue right?


ThisIsVictorKim said...

can you say "photoshop"?

Brian said...


I was at the air race in a boat outside the statue.

This never happened.

Just like George Weah.