NSR: Cut Copy Returns, Enter Brian Wilson Phase

Every music nut goes through a Beach Boys and/or Beatles phase. Speaking as a former record store geek, it is widely accepted that at some point all record store geeks experience a time in their life when they feel that Pet Sounds and Revolver are the greatest thing to happen to human ears since multiple piercings and have to either A) tell you this with an annoying regularity or B) start a band to try to emulate Pet Sounds and Revolver to no avail.

Thing is most people go through this phase in high school or college, not once they are established as one of the leading global exporters of Antipodean disco rock. But leave it to Cut Copy to trade in the ecstasy for the acid this late in the game. The results aren't bad though, a nice mid-summer anthem for the post-dance floor set.


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

I liked them more when they thought New Order was the best thing to happen to human ears since multiple piercings. I had high expectations after 'In Ghost Colours'.

poker affiliate said...

Brian Wilson is an absolute genius, its really too bad he struggled with so many mental issues or we have produced even more great music