Landon Donovan Takes Manhattan Pt. 5

Part 5: in which we find our Landon reunited with Bob Bradley on The Daily Show. Soccer x snark x boozy Jon Oliver = essential morning viewing. If only Stewart & Oliver would get a show on FSC where they could do this all the time; it would rule with all of the power of


Anonymous said...

It was a good show, the part w/ belligerent Oliver and the exploration of English fandom was amazing.

But I still wish Stewart wasn't so congratulatory, asking Bradley when he knew it was a special team, congrats on their success and attaining their goals, etc. The team showed heart, passion and resilience, but our media can't pretend that we're content or satisfied with the result or Ghana performance.

Cindy said...

the whole episode was highlarious! always loved the features with John Hodgman and John Oliver but having them soccer related made it even better!