Donovan Now a Page Six Regular, World Turned Upside Down


Remember the other day when I was all high on Bianca Kajlich after she and LD were all loved-up at the ESPY's? I thought for sure they were back on; they looked all gooey and quite frankly I hoped they were back on because I am a sap who enjoys a good love story*.

That was on July 14th. The photo above though is from July 10th when according to the New York Post, America's second-worst newspaper, our Landon was "giving his number out like a business card to every female who recognized him" at the Aria Resort's dope as anything Liquid Pool + Lounge while the Galaxy were in New England for a match against the Revs.

So yeah. I think I read too much into/hoped for too much with the whole red carpet, show-of-support scene. If the tabloids are to be believed -something I don't recommend doing but you never know- the reigning Honda Player of the Year is now in the running for the prestigious TOR Baller of the Year award. Crazy how one goal can do more for your celebrity status than nearly 10 years of domestic soccer dominance can, right?

*I cry when I watch Ghost.


Jrodius said...

But homie needs some manscaping right? Aint no chick falling for some velcro up top.

Nicole said...

Are you kidding, Jrodius? That shows he's a real man, not some shallow waxed-up pretty boy.

Anonymous said...

I checked into Aria the day after Landy was there. It is by far the nicest casino and hotel on the strip, and it is brand spankin' new. He has good taste.

Anonymous said...