Jozy Altidore x Eric Stonestreet x Scoop Jackson X Jim Beam

So here's a random one: Young Jozy and the hirsute homosexualist off of the excellent Modern Family debating who gets more women: athletes or actors. Surprisingly it's not nearly as awkward as it sounds on paper.

I know he's just BSing and having fun but our Jozy sounds like his head has gotten as big as his transfer fee. There is confidence and there is cockiness & the way they cut this makes my dude sound like he is riding the thin line between the two pretty hard. The "Black George Clooney?" I smell a new tag.

There are two other parts to this piece if you are down for the bourbon-themed infotainment. Here's one, here's the other. Knock yourself out (while knocking back a Jim Beam).

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Alan said...

The video is no longer available and I cannot seem to find it on ESPNs website. Do you have another link?