E! Network: Your Destination For Breaking U.S. Soccer News

Here's the thing. I could bag on E! for asking Lando about the alleged baby momma-drama with his wife standing right there but you know that if they didn't we'd have never heard an answer on whether or not there was a kid on the way or if it was all a Ghanaian plot to throw him off his game ahead of of the Round of 16 (my personal conspiracy theory on the whole episode).

I'll tell you this though: Bianca Kajlich is the ultimate "Ride or Die" chick. Not that anyone wants to be in that situation, but how many ladies do you know that will stand next to you on a red carpet with a beauty pageant smile on their face while some TV presenter gets all up in your business like the I.R.S. on national TV? I'll tell you how many. 2. Tammy Wynette and Bianca Kajlich.

Now I can see why she's still LD's "Diamond Girl" (aka the one that he put the rock on). If you can trick a woman this down and this fine into marrying you, you have to do whatever you have to do -counseling, time apart, whipping ass in the EPL, whatever- to hang on to her; love like this is as rare as a Columbus Crew home loss.


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

"Ryde or Die" chick, or D-list celeb who suddenly reappeared immediately after Lando became the most talked about athlete in America this side of LeBron. Hmmm.

I ain't buyin' it!
She's scandalous!!!

(7 types of fine, though...so I get it)

Anonymous said...

I hear ya, Faux Fur.

If she had been this dedicated to him when they were married.....they wouldn't be divorced now.

ERic said...

I just love that a US player has gone that mainstream that E! is asking him gossipy questions.

There's no way back for soccer now. Sorry haters.

JL said...

Is Landon pussy wipped? Because I wouldn't be able to be like "oh yeah she's banging some guy, she's still my best friend though!"

What chick would date a guy who's still best friend with his ex-wife?

Mr. Donovan, what's going on?

And what's up with her free-loading on his hard earned fame?