Convincing Evidence that Thierry Henry is in Fact The Black Jean Girard

When I told you TiTi was the Black "Jean Girard" I seriously had no idea he did this the day before! Just wow. Life imitating art like a mug. So does this make Juan Pablo Angel "Ricky Bobby?" And who the hell is "Cal Naughton Jr.?" Joel Lindpere?


Anonymous said...

Wow SF, 5 straight posts about a washed-up, cowardly (for his lack of leadership in SA) handball artist...go easy buddy, the sycophantic drooling is unbecoming for a blogger of your status!

SF said...

I have no status. It is important to remember that I am but a fan and an RBNY fan at that. This is the most exciting non-construction related thing to happen 'round here in...well, forever actually. So forgive me if I say whatever pops into my head.

Anonymous said...

forgive me if I bestowed more upon you than you want, but you do have status, SF, if nothing more, at least as one of the hippest bloggers we have.

Anyway, you've earned some slack so I'll forgive you, and your post #6 above! Now can we go on to other things...like how about some update on that scandalous stevie gerrard rumor!