Congratulations to the Following...

Spain are now champions of both Europe & the World and I would like to congratulate the following entities:
  • The Spanish public
  • The Spanish team, staff & federation
  • Manchego cheese
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Estrella Damm
  • Salvador Dali
Rocki it out tonight y'all, it's your party.


Anonymous said...

not a win. spain can suck it, unless they love the cheat.

ericJ said...

A very good win actually considering their competition decided to come and beat them up rather than play soccer. PAthetic showing by the Dutch.

Alan said...

On the one hand you can see that the Dutch played a DC United hack and foul fest.

On the other hand, you can see some soft Spanish players falling down.

It all depends on which hand you;re looking at.

I was happy woth either team winning, but Spain was better.

Joe said...

It's annoying when people complain about diving saying they are "soft." What would you like the players to do? Would you like them to play through the foul and not score the goal like Robben did against Puyol? Or go down when you feel the contact, get the player the 2nd yellow and your team wins the World Cup. Everyone needs to get over diving because it will ALWAYS be here and it will never go away. If you get knocked off balance in the box are you going to go down and maybe get a pk or are you going to stumble and loose the ball because you don't want to be labeled as "soft?"

ERic said...

If you're going to congratulate Manchego cheese, you need to also congratulate quince paste.