Children: They Are Our Future


So it says in the New York Post -America's second-worst newspaper- that the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo's new baby boy is an American. And as I'm sure you know Landon Donovan has an alleged baby on the way via some British lady*. Indulge my ridiculous mind for a moment and think about that for a moment: two newly sired infants with the finest of attacking midfield qualities coursing through their little, pediatric American veins.

So this gets me thinking: how early is too early to cap a player? And is it too soon to start filing discovery claims? I'm just saying the two of those kids, along with my son on the left, will be one hell of a Yank midfield come 2034. Best to get 'em all on the books now before the Europeans start sniffing around.

*I know we don't know if that's even Landon's baby yet nor do we know what the sex it is but the latter is a moot point though as we will have progressed enough as a people to have mixed gender teams by 2034.


dallen said...

I think the 2011 Gold Cup would be an appropriate cap-tying scenario.

Alan said...

With our luck, Ronaldo's kid will pull a Rossi and play for Portugal.

howard said...

In soccer, and, particularly our MNT,
mixed gender will not mean progress

www.murcia-3d.com said...

So, I don't actually believe this will work.