Andy Najar Gets His First Magazine Cover


The cover of the Honduran magazine above says that "the gringos" are after Andy Najar. I don't think they are talking about Arsenal but you never know. Tell you what though: I'd gladly hand over their hero J Bo for the 17 year-old in an even trade, no questions asked.


Anonymous said...

2nd that.

Clayton John said...

i can't believe they can call us "gringos" but if we utter the word "spic", it's racist. unbelievable.

michael in santa monica said...

gringo isn't necessarily disparaging..

also remember that jose francisco torres' nickname is 'gringo'

the spanish royal dictionary, which sets the rules/definitions for the entire spanish language, does not attach derogatory sentiment to the term. it can just mean foreigner.


andrés said...

Clayton, just because your American upbringing has lent a pejorative connotation to the term, doesn't mean that 'gringo' has the same connotation in Mexico--which it doesn't in every context. Just cause we call someone 'Tiny', doesn't mean that we mean it in a negative way all the time does it? 'Spic' on the other hand was always meant to be abhorrent and it is.

Anonymous said...

Clayton, you are an idiot
find the history around the word "gringo" and learn something new. baboso

Anonymous said...

Dude they owe us Najar after Schmornsteins goal put them through to the finals. And we need him!

Anonymous said...

Clayton, read some US History or date a Latina.

"Gringo" was a semi-derogatory term used towards racist white men starting during 30's. (look up repatriations during the Great Depression)
Though not as vile as "gabacho puto culero" the term is more of a term of endearment to some of white homies who call me beaner.

In Brazil and many parts of Central and South America, "gringo" means foreigner.

In Mexico, "gringo" means born in the states and or "American who kicks are asses consistently in COCACAF games".

World Famous ELAC