50 Cent Engadges in More Celebrity Glory-Seeking

Remember when 50 Cent was kind of a big deal? Remember when he was kind of a big deal and brought TiTi onstage with him in Paris and the whole place lost their collective French sh*t? This is kinda like that except 50 switches the location to Rio and the special guest to Ronaldinho; surprisingly, Brazil does not lose it's sh*t...in fact they keep their sh*t pretty well in possession.

It's awkward and painful to watch. But then again that's 50 Cent's musical career in a nutshell these days (I blame his association with Rohan Ricketts). Ronnie's fall from grace must be worse than I thought though if he's getting this kind of muted response back home; perhaps a move to Flamengo wouldn't be the best thing for, eh?

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