Your Released Salvadorian Players Update


If you or someone you love is A) Salvadorian and B) on the roster of a Major League Soccer team right now, I would urge you to get your affairs in order before nightfall. Apparently y'all are now as out of fashion as The Game, DMX and Ja Rule combined and are getting dropped from team rosters as fast as these guys got dropped from label rosters.

Christian Castillo got it yesterday. They say Ramon Sanchez is going to get it soon. And the Fire just gave it to Julio Martinez. Now, I'm not making fun of their unemployment (that sh*t is whack, I know from experience) but I'm just saying three in three days is officially a trend. I said it before and I'll say it again: Arturo Alvarez, watch your back.

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Anonymous said...

Deris Umanzor is next.