Westside!!! LA Galaxy Get Hoodtastic Mixtape Treatment.


See this is what I am talking about. In life there are certain combinations that are just magic: PB&J, Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre, Jack & Coke, Lyndsay Lohan & substances, Chris Klein & Glock 9's. Wait what?

So this DJ out of Randomsberg, Belgium just dropped a mixtape called "LA Galaxy" composed of 100% street official, Slauson-approved trunk-rattlers. Sadly there are no guest verses from Cobi Jones or Clint Mathis but Snoop, Ice Cube, Shawty Lo, The Game & Dr. Dre are all up in this sh*t like Charmin so you should get it in; this is the soundtrack to your next trip to Carson.

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Anonymous said...

"hoodtastic"? seriously?