Sacha Kljestan Going Gaye

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Looks like Sacha is officially gone. I wish him the best and here's a mixtape tribute to prove it. But what I really want to know is what's going to happen with Jamielee? I know she's got that bigtime role on Entourage in the upcoming season so what are y'all going to do? Long distance love or is she moving...to...Belgium? Whatever y'all decide, good luck. And enjoy the chocolate, waffles, beer and mussels since food is the best thing the Belgians have going.

I'll tell you this though before you go questioning a move to Belgium: it worked for Marvin Gaye. In the 70's dude was riding high on the success of masterpieces like What's Going On, Mercy Mercy Me, and Let's Get It On but by the end of the decade he was divorced, broke, coked out and living in van. So he left the States for Ostend, BE.

What happened next? Dude wrote "Sexual Healing", your folks probably made you while listening to it and his career got back on track*. Now our Sacha isn't in any place bordering on a Marvin-level of shambolic but we'd be lying to ourselves if we didn't acknowledge that he --much like this blog-- has been a little off his game lately. If Belgium can fix Marvin Gaye, it can certainly get Sacha back to his old swashbuckling self.

*Until his father, a cross-dressing preacher, shot him dead upon his return to Los Angeles.


S. Andon said...

What's his ceiling, you think?

Amazed Daily said...

Food is the best thing Belgium has going? Seriously? Didn't you post the pics of Gooch's girl he found in Belgium? Man you're working too much.