Referee Real Talk on ExtraTime Radio Today


So let me get this straight Koman Coulibaly, you can't tell us what you saw that made you call back the goal but it wasn't any of the multiple muggings taking place in the image above? Um, OK.

If you've got a bit of "ref-rage" left in you at 5pm (and I'm sure you will) I implore you to call in to ExtraTime Radio today. Just dial 888-MLS-Goal and listen LIVE at MLSsoccer.com. One of today's guests will be former World Cup referee Arturo Angelis so It'll be interesting to see what he and everybody else has to say about today's #1 trending topic on Twitter. Just keep it clean kids...however hard that may be.


Squink said...


Vik said...

Lol, maybe Slovenia was just looking for some love. I bet even they weren't expecting it from Coulibaly.

I cannot get this picture out of my mind. Such a frustrating call.

Alex Larsen said...

hit it on the head...frustrating

Jeff said...

Where was the ref positioned during this melee? Did he maybe just get confused which team was which?

Regardless, he didn't score those 1st 2 goals -- Slovenia did. USA have got to play well for 90 minutes against Algeria.