Pacific NW Border War is Back!

The U.S. Open Cup just got interesting y'all. One of my all-time favorite rivalries, the Portland-Seattle beef, is getting trotted out one last time before the Timbers join the Sounders in MLS next season; somewhere in downtown Portland, a Timbers ticket sales rep is dreaming of the fat commission check this game is sure to bring him.

While I'm certain that supporters of both sides are as happy as a tween at a Twilight party in Justin Bieber's basement about this, as an alleged neutral I'm pretty stoked as well. And if you're a fan of the American game, how can you not be? It's not often that footie-freaks in this country get to see skirmishes from 35 years ago relived by the same two teams on the same field in this country. Hopefully this one gets picked up for TV like last year's Open Cup meeting; beef this tasty is meant to be shared.


Brian said...

Wow...playing on the infield of a baseball diamond

Anonymous said...

Wow...posting bs like dick, must be red bull fan

Timbers Fan said...

You stupid muppet Brian that was 35 years ago. You WISH you had a history like that. As a proud Timbers Fan I know we have a history. A rich and vibrant one we aren't letting go of just because MLS is coming to town next year.

When the MLS sees our crowds, our passion, our energy the message is simple: "welcome to our party, where have you been these last 10 years?"

Bring on the rave green customers and plastic support. We are ready here in PDX

ericJ said...

Once again trotting out the "customer" thing. If Portland increases in attendance then they are all plastic too!