Martin Nash Looks Dour, Models New Whitecaps Jersey


So what do y'all think of Vancouver's new MLS kits? Personally I'm feeling that all white one with the thin hoops. As for the shiny background of the blue one...I'm not too sure about that. It seems like it would look really dated really quickly. It also looks hella tight (as in "way-too-fitted", not as in "in looks real cool.")


Geoffrey said...

Both are fresh as hell.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Liking the white kit with thin hoops. Reminicent of recent years USMNT jerseys, just with Addidas piping on the shoulders.

Free Beer Movement said...

Like the white one... but dude kinda looks like the creatures from "I am Legend" with his stare.

bsas131 said...

For anyone else who had know clue what "Bell" was:

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theefunklord said...

The home kit is fresh..

The away kit with the pattern screams early 90's- Can't hate too much, some of my favorite club and national shirts are from that era.
World Cup '94 had some classics!
At least Adidas managed to incorporate elements from the club badge into the design.

I've become more frustrated as the MLS has grown, gone with a universal sponsor, and lost a majority of the originality with each club's kits.

As hideous as they were, I still love the crazy LA Galaxy kits from the inaugural season.

Chris in Belfast said...

Not such a big fan of the blue one's pattern. The idea of the white one is sort of nice, but I'm really getting sick of the white default second color for teams in MLS. I'd love it if, for example, Chicago would use the color of their flag in their away shirt. Or if the Red Bulls had a blue away shirt and a (gasp!) red home one. Something other than default white.

I'd probably not be so annoyed with Vancouver's shirt here if white wasn't EVERYWHERE in the league. It IS a nice look.

JL said...

The club badge looks insane on those kits, the Canadian flag looks nice too. It stands out, it's new. I like them both. Very fresh.

I've grown to like my NY top, so seeing something different makes me, umm... yeah Vancouver's kits look nice.

drewcore said...

agree around the board... white kit is sick, while the blue one would be great without the shiny patter... just loosen it up a bit, no need for azuri-esque tightness I.M.O. but any worries about the badge are put to rest when placed on this jersey. cant wait to see this organization take shape (in MLS form)

Soccer Jerseys said...

I will vote for the white because i personally like it and its really looking good from every angel.

Anonymous said...

@Chris in Belfast, RBNY does have a blue away shirt and did have a red home shirt (their first season after Red Bull took over)