Landon Donovan Takes Manhattan Pt. 3

The full-field PR press from Landon Donovan continues. Stop #3: Regis & Kelly. Can you believe Regis actually asks if he played for any other team before he played for the U.S.? Yes, you can; Regis has dementia.

And for you Lando-to-Man City conspiracy theorists out there, please note the jersey that Kelly's kid is wearing; it ain't Everton's.


Anonymous said...

lol round number 16

Chest Rockwell said...

"Round number 16"


Anonymous said...

so did you play for another country?

Anonymous said...

-Kelly Ripa running in heels
-Regis being crazy
-Holy crap Regis really is short - Landon practically towers over him

Serge said...

I see how it is, put the resident Latino in goal.

keahende said...