Landon Donovan Takes Manhattan Pt. 1

Well hell. If David Letterman isn't going to ask about the alleged baby momma drama, no one will. You think Regis is going to go there? Or one of those stiffs on Fox Business News? Hell-to-the-no. But we did get to see LD taking shots at an NYC taxi on behalf of all of us who have ever had to deal with a smelly/surly/refused to take a credit card/refused to pick you up/refused to get off the phone cab driver, so it wasn't a total waste.

And is just me or does Letterman look totally huge next to Lando? I know LD is a petite guy and all but Jesus does he look like a fun-sized version of himself next to Letterman. I'll bet you $3.45, a Bobby Rhine rookie card and El Pibe's mustache trimmings that he could fully fit inside the breast pocket of the host's blazer like a human pocket-square.


Anonymous said...

So cool. Lando is doing well to do his part off the pitch.

keahende said...

Dude, Lando cracks me up