If You Are a True Friend You Will Do Me This Favor

If you bleed red, white & blue, and want to be BFF's with the old boy SF you will do me this favor: if you are near a computer during the U.S.-England match on Saturday Tweet, blog and/or Facebook status update this clip every time the U.S. socres. Alternatively you could forward the link on to everyone you know who has a National Health card and the Queen on their money. Let 'em know that even Michael Strahan will be having a laugh.


scap777 said...

Link to the video isn't working. When i opem your page it's just a big block of white where video should be.

Anonymous said...

Works fine for me.

Anonymous said...

Strange. All other videos on his blog work for me but this one.

As I'm having a go with a few British colleagues here at work, I would love any amunition available. Is video on You Tube? If so, hints to search for on?