Ferry St. Tackles the Tough Questions

Yesterday on my way to the Portugal-Brazil viewing party at Red Bull Arena I stopped over in the Ironbound section of Newark to witness the insanity that was going down at every single, bar, restaurant, social club, coffeeshop and laundromat in the area. Seriously, the spot was on fire. Sh*t was like Carnival, Mardi Gras and St. Patty's day rolled into one big Lusophone orgy of sangria pitchers, facepainting and old-country patriotism.

It seemed like every third person had on either a CR7 or Fat Ronaldo jersey so I got to asking stupid questions like "Who's better: Ronaldo in his prime or Cristiano Ronaldo now?" The answers may surprise you. And if they don't, just watch the bonus footage and go about your day.

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Alan said...

Cristiano Ronaldo is good at diving on the field. Fat Ronaldo is good a diving into the buffet table.