D.C. Clears Some Roster Space


So D.C. United released Christian Castillo. No, wait. Let me do that over.

So D.C. United released Christian Castillo already? Didn't this fool just get here? I thought Kevin Payne was "confident that he will do a tremendous job" for DC? And didn't a lot of people say he was going to be MLS Jesus to the local Salvadorian community and bring them out to RFK in droves? Guess not. Branko Bošković, you are now on the clock.


Anonymous said...

At what point do we just declare the DC #12 shirt to be cursed. Sztela wore it... whoops. Castillo... nope.

Anonymous said...

Its kind of hard to impress when you don't play, and you have a horrible coach who was let go from a previous team for being horrible.....and nope I'm not salvadorian just a die hard d.c. fan who can't stand inconsistent coaching staff and inconsistent starting line ups

Brian said...

Castillo was fun to watch, but he didn't do anything with the ball. He didn't get results, and the El Salvadoran fans stopped coming out too. Hopefully a good DP will get DC some fans and more wins.