Juan Pablo Angel Reminds Us All Why He's a Millionaire

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Cotdamn that JPA! Just a week ago I was all "Dude is showing his age rahrahrah too slow rahrahrah shouldn't be a DP anymore" etc. Then he messes around and scores this OMFGoal™ that is notable for both it's skill and timing. Now what can I say about him?

I'll tell you what I can say about him. He is showing his age...in the form of well-thought out runs and pinpoint aim honed from years of experience. He is too slow...but he's still getting it done on PK's, freekicks and tap-ins when the service comes. He shouldn't be a DP anymore...he should do a Schelotto and take a pay cut; then he can captain the club when it unleashes the full power of 3 DP's on the league.

Say what you want about Juan Pablo Angel. You can say he's old, slow and over-paid. Just so long as you say he does what he's paid to do: score goals.


Anonymous said...

Sick. If he does pull a Schelotto, and the Bulls sign 3 DPs, plus combined with their youth/USOC squad. It would be considered a failure if they don't win the Cup. Even the Galaxy wont be able to stop it all.


Anonymous said...

Javier Morales does that same thing for a $1,000,000 less.

Ericj said...

Angel also missed a few he should have made for getting paid millions as well.