What Team Does Susan Lucci Play For? Italy?


Can the World Cup be nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the category of Best Drama? Probably not but I think a case could be made for it if it were considered as a mini-series. We've had giant killings, blowouts, goalkeeper gaffes, a locker-room invasion, and officiating controversy. There is a team with a despot dictator who calls the coach on the sideline. A banker played against Italy the other day. And we certainly can't forget the French, whose story is so wild that it should have its own spinoff.

This is why I love the World Cup; any event that can turn the greatest sport on earth into something worthy of discussion in my wife's hair salon and my local ghetto convenience store (solitary cigarettes and scratch-off cards anyone?) is alright by me. If only there was a league on earth that could generate storylines like this on the regular, then we'd be on to something.


keahende said...

Solitary cigarettes, that's funny

Anonymous said...

This like the polar opposite of Paul Gardner.

Alan said...

They are called Looseies, for those in the know. And it's not a convenience store, it's a bodega. Say it with me: Bo-day-gah

-Coming from a guy who knew when quarter water was a quarter!