BBC Reporter Under the Delusion That NY Just Discovered Soccer During the Obama Administration

Oh BBC how I love thee. You had the best radio show ever. You can be artsy as f*ck and mainstream at the same time. You allow the occasional naughty bit to be seen on TV. And your World Service news is unimpeachable.

But you can also be misinformed, pretentious twats who think that if you say something enough times with that accent it makes you the authority (David Attenborough, you have so much to answer for). How the hell can you act like nobody was checking for soccer in Brooklyn a year ago? And to interview the spectacular, spectacled spectacle that is David Hirshey without saying "This is David Hirshey, co-author of the only World Cup worth buying in 2010. He is a legend and knows far more about the state of soccer in America than you or I do" is almost inexcusable. Are you kidding me?!

[H/T FFSS via Facebook]


Anonymous said...

You can buy a World Cup? Why the hell did we fly our guys to South Africa where they might get stampeded?

Martha said...

Shep is going to be so disappointed.