Back in the Day Video: Damani Ralph Hat-Trick

Did Rob Stone ever have a beef with Damani Ralph? Or maybe a drinking problem? We all know that Stoner can be a little over the top in the booth but he's yellin' and talkin' about throwing things at the dude like an angry drunk or something.

I think he and Max Bretos should have an excited announce-off. Just lock the two of them in the booth with a 90 minute "Best Of" mix-tape of early Barcelona-era Ronaldinho exploits and let 'em get to hollerin'; first one to go hoarse to the point of spiting blood loses, winner gets a lifetime supply of Throat Coat tea.


Sean said...

No love for Dunny?

CDavisEllerton said...

I miss Rob Stone calling the MLS games. I watch the PBA on ESPN on Sundays just to hear him say HAMBONE.