I'm Only Upset About This Because I Am Now Older Than Henry

Are we really talking about Henry's legacy on ESPN right now? The man is only 32 years old; unless this is a conversation about his kid getting into a frat or private school, it's way too soon to be using that word in regard to Ti-Ti. Especially if the rumors pan out and he comes to New York...why you would want to frame dude as being old just before the inevitable wave of SportsCenter/PTI/Around the Horn/MLS Primetime hype washes ashore is beyond me? Can't help the cause one bit.


JC said...

True I think this is without a doubt his last World Cup. And for me his international legacy so far was that he was too exhausted to continue on in extra time of the 2006 World Cup Final. I guy who is so well known for his free kicks has to suck it up and play the final few minutes and either get a free kick chance or be there for PKs. Instead France were without him and Zidane when it went to PKs and they could have definitely used both of them.

Bonji said...

First his buddy Tony Parker is talking about going to games at Red Bull Arena now this on ESPN? They hype machine is getting ready for France to fall out of the Cup and send Henry to the US.

Anonymous said...

"...now older than Henry."

Was there a time when you weren't older than him?