And Speaking of David Hirshey...


He is one of the most awesomist wordsmiths ever -like Neil Tennant if he took up soccer writing in place of pop stardom. You have to listen to the first two minutes of this audio interview with him promoting his superb new book on Amazon.com. The way he describes being a footie freak back in the day is pretty much amazing; he somehow makes admitting you're a soccer fan sound like coming out of the closet (not that there is any reason to be in a closet unless you are R.Kelly*).

"For many years...I never came out as a soccer player and fan..I was trying to make believe that I was a red-blooded American sports fan."

"The only way to find out what was happening was through your fellow soccer weenies...we would gather in dark bars and exchange arcane information."

I think the coast is clear now David, you can come out. We love you either way.

*Yes, an R. Kelly two-fer today...I had to "double up."


Anonymous said...

If you're going to post a picture of Hirshey with Will Leitch you could at least link to Leitch's interview of Hirshey at Deadspin today.


Oates said...

Superb moustache as well. Perhaps the reigning 'stache in American soccer now that Shep has been sheared? (Sacha doesn't even come close)