American Fan Killed, Brother Hospitalized in South Africa

If you'll let me take a break from the usual shenanigans for something very serious this morning I would appreciate it. Last night my grandmother told me about the children of a couple she once worked with at a hospital in my ancestral home of Lafayette, LA who were at the World Cup. Last Tuesday 24 year-old Nicole Murphy -a four-year starter for the 2007 D2 Championship U. of Tampa women's soccer team- and her 19 year-old brother Brian were struck by a car in South Africa. Nicole did not survive while Brian is in critical condition in South Africa.

To get Brian back to the States in his condition will require a specially-outfitted ICU medical jet at the cost of $300,000. The Murphy family is in need of help to meet this cost and are seeking donations to get their son (and daughter) home. I can't speak for the family but anything you can do to help would probably be appreciated; I'm sure we, the American soccer community, can do something to help get 2 of our own home.


JL said...

This is the type of thing I don't like to hear from an international celebration.

Does USSF know about this?

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