When is Cartoon Network Going to Pick Up Giant Killing?

Friend of TOR Patrick S.just hipped me to the pretty cool piece of Japanese soccer manga called Giant Killing. It's about the J League and, according to Patrick, it follow the team, the front office the fans and even the fans that gave up on the team. How's that for a well-rounded (and well illustrated) look at a (fictional) club.

Check out Giant Killing with English subtitles at GoodAnime.net.


ERic said...

Y'know, it keeps amazing me how Japan does other people's music as good as, or better than, the original.

Anonymous said...

I really like it, The New coach is a former player that was bought from East Tokyo United, went to England, then went on to Coaching. The story starts off by Him Coaching an amateur team in the FA cup and taking them to the round of 16. He goes back home to coach his family run ETU His dad is president uncle is vice president and his sister is the PR. I think there are running themes with MLS they need a sponser for the team and argue about how attendance stinks. I did not know that J-league had Pro Reg.The team is like Fulham always flirty with regulation until they got Roy as coach, I think that is where they got the Idea from. the I think this show has a little bit Damned United added too. I like how it follows the new fan Kid to the old fan Dad and then the Hardcore fans.

Pledge said...

This isn't feasible for Cartoon Network.

With a 90 second long opening, that barely leaves them with any time left in a 15-minute time slot.