Whackest Soccer Dad Ever: English Lower Division Edition

As a parent I get that sometimes you have to stop your kid from doing something that he shouldn't; this past weekend, I had to get into a bouncey castle in public to physically extract my son from it when he decided to occupy one of the rear corners of said bouncey castle in protest of his turn in the dodgem being far too short in length for his taste. I pulled him out but I didn't (and wouldn't) brain him or anything.

So I'm gonna have to frown on the gent above --who looks suspiciously like Sven Goran-Erikson-- for his reaction to his physically challenged son's attempt to invade the pitch at Chesterfield Town this past weekend. The kid can't experience the joy of playing the game Dad, can you at least let him enjoy the happy insanity of fandom? Can you let my man live?! Just a little?!

Not cool Dad, not cool.


Christopher Barker said...

I really thought that was going somewhere else... wow.

Alan said...

Yeah, I was expecting a "knock back till the fat meat shows" or something.