Video: RBNY-Colorado U.S. Open Cup Preview

The day's American soccer stories in order of how much talk will be dedicated to them on the interwebs:
  1. The U.S. World Cup roster
  2. The U.S. World Cup roster
  3. International friendlies: AC Milan in D.C., Boca Juniors in Seattle
  4. My upcoming fish fry-centered vacation
  5. The U.S. Open Cup match between New York & Colorado
Being that I've been called a bottom-feeder for being a blogger, I will take this opportunity to prove the name-callers right and dedicate this post to previewing the Open Cup match; it's certainly the least glamorous item on the list (if you are balking at my suggestion that a fish fry is more awesome, you've never been to an honest-to-God Southern fish fry) but since it has been around longer than the World Cup I'm going to give it it's due.

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Alan said...

Get fried!!