Video: Kickin' It with Allen Hopkins

LA is the sh*t, the Revs are sh*tty and the West is the best: this is the state of MLS today according to Allen Hopkins. And not that it has to do with anything but is that suit Steve Harvey-purple? I can't tell, my eyesight is going.


ben said...

the allen hopkins segments are worthless. he gives no insider info or breakdown outside of what's readily available on the web. why they waste time with him is beyond me.

Real said...

I'll respectfully disagree with ben's comment above. Maybe you can find that info on the web and yes...it's not exactly news that Lando and Co are kicking butt in the league. That said it's a tight little package with pretty good highlights, info on Twellman status I would have had to search for, and a good breakdown of conference standings (which actually mean something in this league now). That and Allen Hopkins strikes me as one of the good guys. I'll take more Hopkins and less fotty-hating Frank Deford Dinosaur types any day. My $0.02 for what it's worth.

Alan said...

While I think that suit is purple (my color sight ain't great either) it's not Steve Harvey-purple. The suit Allen is wearing is no where near tacky enough to be Steve Harvey-esque