Video: EB14 Gets His Close Up

Damn, it sure didn't take long for someone to jump on the Edson Buddle endorsement train did it. You just know that last season there was no way he would have even been sent on the casting call for this, let alone the MLS star-studded photo shoot. I guess that's what happens when you, an individual, score more goals in 6 weeks than 12 MLS teams have scored. Play on playa.


Eric Deuel said...

Met Edson in the Galaxy Club house after the game Sat. Biggest Jerk ever. Syke! Edson is a cool humble dude and tall. I thought soccer players were short. I asked him if he heard from Bradley yet and he said let me check. Took out his cell. "nope, but I keep checking every two minutes". Great guy.

Squard said...

Juan Pablo did the same thing on May 3rd. http://twitter.com/JUANPABLOANGEL