Video: The Don on Montreal Expansion and What it Means to You

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So here we have The Don talking all things Montreal expansion. He's got some interesting things to say, some things that I haven't thought of. But maybe that's why he's commissioner and I am just...whatever I am supposed to be.

After watching this I think the Canadian National Team may eventually be the big winner here. Coupled with the soon-to-be-MLS Whitecaps, having a third big-time club in Canada really should (in theory) help to give Canuckistani players more quality club competition and employment options that don't have the low-life expectancy of a position on Mo Johnston's side. Ang hopefully improved competition will lead to an improved player pool for Canada.


ERic said...

CONCACAF really needs another strong side to push the US and Mexico. Canada's overdue for being up there with Costa Rica, Honduras, etc. Glad that Montreal's joining MLS is thought of as part of the puzzle to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Garber looks like he's losing weight.
Is he well? SF, please ask him. Danke.