Unfounded Rumor of the Day: Henry to D.C.


Thierry Henry-to-Red Bull New York rumors are no longer considered newsworthy anymore so The Mirror, that bastion of British press excellence, has thrown a curve ball at the story and now suggest that D.C. United are also interested in landing the services of the fantastic Frenchman. Gossip is gossip and the English press is the English press so take it for what it is but ask yourself one question: do you honestly think D.C. United Holdings can really compete with Red Bull GmBH for Henry's services?

That's not a swipe at the black & red, that's just something to think about. New York has taurine-dollars, worldwide sponsorship opportunities and a spaceship stadium. D.C. on the other hand is looking to diversify ownership (i.e. find someone to help Will Chang take the weight), having a nightmare season so far and play in a stadium that is quite literally crumbling. I ain't trying to hate on D.C. --for once-- but c'mon now, we all know how this story ends.


Anonymous said...

word is that DCU showed Henry a picture of RFK during MLS Cup 1997 and offered him 105k a year. That should do it.

Anonymous said...

DC simply can't compete with RBNY in any way whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

...except in the contents of our respective trophy cases.

Yeah, we're 0-5. Yeah, I'm resting on the laurels of the past to comfort me in our time of trial. Yeah, ya'll just became the third team in a row to beat us 0-2 at home.

Count the stars.

Alan said...

Ok, DC, y'all were hot in the time of Andrew Shue and Roy Lassiter were playing. Cool it.