Studio 90: Game Day Edition

See this guy? I'm sure he's good people and all but he's no Kammarman. Should I start a "Free Kammarman" movement? Maybe with t-shirts & buttons & a really sad commercial with Sarah McLachlan warbling "I Will Remember You" in the background? Or perhaps a 5K fun run with the proceeds going toward the funding of an independent Kammarman-hosted late-night show? Worth a shot, right?


Anonymous said...

Why are they using nike balls....the US is going to suck for making stupid decisions. use the world cup ball. the balls have a learning curve and all the non-mls players (i.e. starters) may not have played with them too much.

us is going to be worked by england.

James W said...

Aaron is the best media relations person I've dealt with in 5 years of booking guests for a weekly radio show on soccer.

For instance, we had Abby Wambach live from the mixed zone in China during the last Women's World Cup via Aaron's cell phone. How many media relations people would do something like that for a local radio show in a player's home town?

Aaron is more than good people. He is the best at what he does.

andrés said...

I'll be singing hymns of joy if Kammarman is gone! Because of him, I think I know what zombie would look like if they tried to use their words.

Kammar-fan said...

Although the new guy looks like he has a high ceiling, I miss me some Kammarman.

To further SF's allusions towards a late-night show, this could be like Stewart taking over for Kilbourn on the Daily Show. And then an annoying ex-pat from the British Isles (the Leprechaun as Ferguson) could take over when the Kammar-man is through with that.

I may have taken that a little too far.

Anyways, new guy has to coordinate the gesticulations a bit more.

Kammar-fan said...

And how about the head of hair on BB in the Princeton clips? Blew my mind.

And is it just me or does the English accent turn 'Landon' into 'London'? I just had it on in the background and I kept getting confused.

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Im not much of a fan of this guy, his comments and declarations are always vague and pointless.