Sheanon Williams: What's Going on There?


Here's a test for the Union that has jack sh*t to do with them defeating someone who is not D.C. United: can you sign Sheanon Williams? It shouldn't be too difficult right now being that the veteran of the U.S. U-17's (captain) and U-20's World Cup teams is playing for Harrisburg, who the Union have some sort of affiliate thing going with. Nowak loves youth --he's only 20-- and Lord know they'll always need an extra body around to cover for whoever is on red card suspension.

All kidding aside, how crazy is it that a kid with as much experience as Williams has fallen so far down the ladder that he's in USL-2 at age 20? Is he a hype and really not that good? A poor trialist perhaps? Or has he stopped progressing as a player? There's got to be something there, right?


Reporter said...

If I remember correctly, he did pretty well when playing for the U20.

Anonymous said...

just keep following him and u will get an answer to your questions. beautiful bike goal. he is being overlook for what ever reason. but you will see him in the nex mens world cup.