Portland Dropping Clues to New Crest

See? Someone other than filmmaker Gary Hutswit and I think that Helvetica is the most important font of the last 150 years. Will the new Timbers logo include it? Doubtful...but it will be round apparently.


MannyJello said...

FYI, the reason that the "circular shape" reference was included was to appease a core base of Timbers Army supporters who were concerned that the crest was going to be in the shape of a buzzsaw (based on some art work included on one of the Timbers MLS websites). This was a not-so-subtle message to those supporters that their gripes have been heard and followed. I think we realize to the outside world that it the message seems odd, but there is a reason for it.

Anonymous said...

So are they changing it because MLS is making them? Why not keep the same logo or a minor variation that they have used for years?