OneGoal: Part Six

The final installment of the OneGoal documentary will make you cry. If it's doesn't, you are a heartless, no-account, twinkle-toed, communist sunnavabich. I am now officially hyped for tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

The Honduran radio broadcast made the hairs on my arms stand up. Chills. I was listening to ESPN Deportes Radio (while driving) during this magic moment. The announcers were blantantly dismissing the Honduran chances of qualifying when Johnny B scored. It was Chaos.

I honked at an old lady driving and freaked her out. Awesome moment.


Anonymous said...

ELAC that was a great moment! I went to the Honduras game in Chicago. Somehow I have a glimpse of what it means to their fans. June 12th can't arrive soon enough.


The Kanes said...

It made me cry and gave me chills to hear how excited that honduran anouncer was.