New Timbers Advert is Pretty Cotdamn Special

"You Can't Fake This": statement of fact or subtle dig at a certain other team in the Pacific Northwest which has had more than a few daggers thrown it's way in regard to the alleged plastic nature of it's swollen fan base? I'm not the producer so I can't say. However I will say that whoever produced this gets a gold star and a bottle of 32 year-old Oban for their efforts; this is as good as Chicago's epic 2010 ad.

[H/T to Paul at droppingtimber.com]


Johnathon Sykes said...

That little kid at 5 seconds creeped me out. Glad to see a good MLS ad

ericJ said...

Yawn. If their fan-base swells then does that make them fake too?

Dave said...

- Seattle 2007-08 avg attendance: 3,200
- Portland 2009-10 avg attendance 10,000
- Timbers were bottom of the table in 2006 and 2008, and attendance went up!
- In Seattle, customers complain about drawing friendlies against Celtic and Boca Jrs.

As much as the Sounders FO tries, they better know... You can't buy love!

Dave's mom said...

Dave, what was the avg attendance for Portland in 07-08, if you are going to throw in some numbers.

AlanL said...

Dave's Mom:When Timbers finished last and did not qualify for the playoffs in 2008, average attendance was 8,567.

The reason Dave used the Attendance numbers that he did was because those were the most recent USL figures for both of the teams. Our numbers still come out ahead if we're comparing the same years.

Anonymous said...

5-6k in 07-08. booyah

Finnegan said...

Also this isn't a MLS Ad. This is 2010 USL Ad. Yep, you can't fake crowds like that, the sights and sounds. They basically just followed the TA for a day.

And to answer questions about attendance: 2007 - 6,828 Avg
2008 - 8,567 (when we finished last in the league) 2009 - 9,734

Dave said...

Timbers 2007-08 avg attendance: 6,000
Roughly double Seattle's average in those same years.
You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

This may be a USL ad, but it is better than most MLS ads.

"You can't fake this." That is an awesome line!