Life in a Northern Town with Jozy Altidore

"They have beans with everything and when I say everything, everything." --Jozy Altidore.

They also have smooth-jazz in the elevators and baller-ass carparks. As for Jozy, he's got an "I'm the king of the world"-view of Leeds from his balcony...which isn't really as bad as a view of Leeds sounds.


Limo said...

this was so sick. i'd love if they did a feature on each of our boys overseas. wicked cool to learn about this stuff.

and btw, US Soccer has really amazing production value, they make some quaaality stuff.

JL said...

Cool vid. They should do this for all members of the MNT.
He gets to drive on the left side of the car??? Must be confusing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the side of car thing got me too. My question is why the hell is he living in Leeds??? No wonder he had a hard time getting to the training ground.

Igor said...

Leeds is right next to Hull and, unlike Hull, there's actually something to do there.